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The Clio series of cables is a range of high fidelity, pure silver analogue cables at very competitive prices. Clio were our first cable designs and for their production we selected and used some of the highest quality materials in order to created a highly desirable, hype free cable.

The Clio series features cables with solid, pure OCC silver conductors. Their effective designs are topped up with high quality  materials, much attention to detail and a professional finish in order to deliver the best possible performance. Ultra pure single crystal  silver conductors, excellent combination of dielectrics, effective  shielding, outstanding craftsmanship and finish and high quality connectors make these low capacitance cables suitable for any hi-fi system. The cables in the Clio series are characterized by a tight and articulate leading edge, speed and clarity. Their dynamics and  extension can only be found in some of the very best cables in the market while their open tonal character is comparable to unshielded  designs. Despite their low price these solid silver cables will impress and deliver sonic qualities rarely seen in this price-range. More on CLIO cables

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